Natural Mountain Wallpaper, Beautiful

Natural Mountain Wallpaper, Beautiful

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Submitted on: 26 Feb 10

Category: Mountain Wallpaper

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Author: Reali-t

This wallpaper, featuring a beautiful snow-topped mountain peak, offers a thought provoking insight into nature and its mysterious power to inspire and enrich.

The image, by the artist who goes by the name Reali-t, is, in its entirety, well-composed and draws the viewer in. Although the mountain peak, whose range is in the background of the work, is what initally attracts the eye of the viewer, the additional aspects of the image are what contribute to its exceptional construction and perspective, and what keep the viewer engaged on this image longer than others.

The foreground shows a body of water, consisting of a series of relatively level rapids on one side, and an eddying pool on the other. This body of water, in its entirety then proceeds to unexpectedly drop over steep rocks, into an impressive and treacherous-looking waterfall.

This foreground view suggests that the image’s perspective is from some lower position that is still on a mountain range. The pool of water that is not in the direct water current, and before it encounters the sudden change in elevation, is calm. It beatifully reflects the rich blue and white of the sky, which is scattered with cumulous clouds, suggesting clear and cool mountain air, and a perfectly sunny day for a hike in the mountains.

In the midground, before the impressive elevation of the mountain peak, which is, as previously mentioned, the initial and primary focus point of the perspective depicted, is a dense and textured expanse of forest and shrubbery. This vast expanse of green appears to consist of a number of different types of conifers or different size and age, and seemingly extends for miles, until the forest is abruptly cut off by the steep elevation of the mountain range in the distance.

The steep elevation of the mountain range reveals just how rapidly the climate must change as higher points on the mountain are reached. The mid section of the mountain appears to consist mainly of jagged rock and limited vegetation, and the upper third of the peak is covered in pristine white snow that glistens, and appears to never have been touched by a living being.

Overall, this mountain wallpaper depits a breathtaking landscape that encompasses a vast and rugged terrain of undisturbed beauty. It is an inspiring perspective that fills the viewer with awe and wonder at the power and mystery of nature.

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